Physical Placement

Maintenance Scheduling, Coordinating. & Supervision:

  • Provide close supervision over all work, labor, services, and materials required in the operation and maintenance of common areas and facilities.
  • Coordinate maintenance staff to service requests from homeowners.
  • Inspect and follow-up maintenance work to insure successful completion of service requests.
  • Keep work order logs of all incoming and completed work orders.
  • Status reports included in monthly report reflecting outstanding projects, bids pending, etc.

24-Hour Emergency Response and Dispatchment:
Three 24-hour emergency lines are maintained including an 800# for any and all emergencies. Immediate dispatchment of personnel to follow if deemed an emergency.

Site Visits:

  • Manager visits the site twice weekly.
  • Additional visits for project supervision as needed.
  • On-site inspection reports submitted as requested.
  • Once-per-month night visits for lighting system inspections.