Lawn & Landscape Specifications

All landscape services are performed by our own In-House crews. We currently provide the following program to some of the most prestigious communities on Long Island. The program includes a guarantee on the quality of the lawns, regardless of the current conditions.


  • LIMS, Inc. furnishes all labor and supplies necessary to provide general landscaping and grounds-keeping services.
  • LIMS, Inc. provides these services starting March 15th and ending no later than November 30th each year.

Supplies and Materials:

  • LIMS, Inc. uses only approved treatments in all applications.
  • A soil test is taken prior to the grass cutting season to determine the PI I level of the soil.
  • A certified treatment applicator (LIMS, Inc. personnel), registered with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Bureau of Pesticides, oversees all chemical work.
  • To satisfactorily provide the required services and accomplish the scheduled tasks, UMS, Inc. complies with the following:
  • Furnish the supervisor and sufficient workers to accomplish the work scheduled and services called for in these specifications.
  • Conduct all work in a safe manner. All equipment used is State-of- the-Art and maintained by trained technicians.
  • LIMS, Inc. exercises caution so that we will not damage sprinkler heads, vent pipes, or other objects projecting above ground level.

We welcome & encourage periodic inspections by the Owner or the appropriate committee sanctioned by the Owner to insure full compliance with the contract specifications. Issues noted will be called to the attention of and remedied by LIMS, Inc.

Spring cleanup and preparation:

  • Pre-emergency weed control treatment to be applied (spring).
  • A soil test is taken to determine the PI 1 level, nitrogen level, and phosphorus level and potash level.
  • Adjust PH as necessary to keep Pl l maintained at 6.5 to 7.0 with lime application.
  • Application of micro-nutrients.
  • All shrubs, beds, and planting areas are turned, weeded, and manicured.
  • All ornamental trees and shrubs arc shaped and/or pruned.
  • All debris is removed from the community grounds.
  • All curb and bed edges are redefined.
  • Apply dormant oil spray to appropriate trees and shrubs.

Mowing Grass Areas:

  • Grass is mowed at intervals of seven days.
  • Grass is maintained at the proper height.
  • All mowers are equipped with grass catchers in place as necessary.
  • All clippings shall be removed from the lawn areas.

Edging Of Grass:

  • Edging of walkways performed weekly.
  • Edging of curbs performed even- other week.

Trimming Of Grass:

  • All grassed areas (including common areas) are trimmed with weedeaters where conventional mowers cannot reach.
  • Extreme care is exercised as not to damage posts, decks, siding, etc.

Belgium Block:
All Belgium block are trimmed every week.

Pond Edges
A neat edge is maintained along all ponds.

Monthly Common-Charge Billing

  • All common/maintenance charges are billed monthly.
  • All unit owners’ payments arc mailed directly into a bank lockbox account.
  • All statements contain a Bulletin Board for monthly communication.

Past-Due Collections

  • Past-due letters to be sent to all owners in arrears with follow-up on collection procedures, liens, judgments, and foreclosures.
  • Coordinate with community’s attorney on all legal matters.

Budget Preparation And Forecasting

  • Prepare a budget with the Treasurer on an annual basis based on past performance and prevailing economic factors.
  • Present budget to the Board for review.
  • Print and distribute budget to all owners within 30-clays prior to the commmunity’s year end.
  • Prepare reserve hind study for long term replacement of capital improvement items reflecting life span.