Sprinkler System Maintenance

Schedule of Services:

  • Prior to May 1st, LIMS, Inc. will prepare the sprinkler system as well as clean and adjust all heads for summer operation.
  • Prior to October 31st, UMS, Inc. closes down the system, blows out all Fines, and performs all other maintenance procedures in preparation for winter.
  • LIMS, Inc. supplies all necessary labor for repair of the system.

Weekly Inspection After Landscapers:
At the conclusion of landscape maintenance services each week, LIMS, Inc. turns on the sprinkler system to inspect for any damaged heads caused by the crew. Any repairs deemed our responsibility are remedied immediately without expense to the Association, who will be advised of the nature and location of the repairs.

Weekly Adjustments:
All adjustments to clocks and sprinkler heads arc performed on a weekly basis.