Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Summerizing & Winterizing:
LIMS, Inc. winterizes the outdoor pool and filter system after closing for the season. We shall also summerize the same, including pumping out and cleaning prior to the opening of the season.


  • I.IMS, Inc. supplies all county approved chemicals and supplies necessary to maintain and operate the swimming pools.
  • Provide pool and water testing chemicals as required to maintain proper sanitary conditions pursuant to Board of Health standards.
  • Provide disinfecting supplies and materials such as chlorine, soda ash, etc., and other items required to maintain sanitary conditions.

Regularly maintain pools and equipment in a clean and safe manner. LIMS, Inc. is equipped to make necessary repairs to the pool.

LIMS, Inc. shall obtain all necessary permits, certificates, licenses, covering the swimming pool and its operation.

Inventory all pool maintenance equipment.